Saturday, November 24, 2012

Financial Times illustrations

A few selected editorials for The Financial Times. Challenging subjects to illustrate, but I pick up a thing or two about shares, markets, stocks and general finance;)

New BT illustrations

Here are a few brand new editorials for BTbatt, Bergens Tidende.

The Spectator - Fringe Festival

Editorial illustration for The Spectator. Brief: to describe the weirdness of the annual Edinburgh  Fringe Festival.

Maps anyone?

Map illustrations for Metro. All maps of various boroughs in London. These were made during the Olympics, to show visitors where to go and eat/drink etc.

Been a while.... But I'm back!

Editorial illustration for Professional Manager. The Anatomy of a Leader!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Front cover for HR Magazine

Front cover for HR Magazine. A mountain of red tape and various kinds of malevolent bureaucracy prevents you from achieving justice!

Restaurant map of Hackney

I've started doing food related maps ()who would have thought!) of various cities for Olive Magazine.  These maps are a bit challenging since they not only have to be accurate but also cool/ interesting to look at;)

Some BT illustrations before the summer holiday

Three new Btbatt editorial illustrations. As always an absolute joy to illustrate the thoughts and views these bright young people have on the world.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Universitas Illustrations

This should bring me up to date with the illustrations. I need to learn to draw some new hair doos. The Elvis look is sooooooo last April;)

New BT illustrations

Experimenting here with more close ups of the characters and also the way I draw noses has changed, without me really realising it:)

3 illustrations for Universitas

Editorial illustrations and front pages for Universitas Newspaper.

Posters and calendar design for CAFOD

Poster and calendar illustrations for CAFOD. Theme: campaign to raise awareness about the growing problem of dirty and polluted water in several countries in Africa, and how to reverse this negative  trend by creating safe and clean drinking water.

Cover illustration for FM magazine

Frictions in the facility management world, where split and conquer is a new motto...

Double cover for Accounting & Business Magazine

Double cover for Hong Kong and China edition of Accounting and Business Magazine. Theme: What happens with all the money given to charity? Where do they really end up?

Lots of BT illustrations

It has been ages since I last updated my blog, so here is a bunch of work I have done over the last few months for BT.